Mediation Coaching
1 session done at your convenience at your office!

Find out how to resolve your dispute quickly and efficiently. Strategize, negotiate, make decisions and achieve a win/win solution.

A Mediation Coach will prepare you for a mediation by taking you step - by step through a typical mediation and help you develop your mediation strategy

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CT Legal Professionals have voted CT Mediation as: "One of the Best"!

Welcome to Connecticut Mediation. Our purpose is to cultivate skills, knowledge and growth in the field of alternative dispute resolution. We offer Mediation Coaching and training programs in Professional Mediation for managing conflict in the home, school, community or workplace. Professional Mediation training also fulfills International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) requirement standards for Collaborative Practitioners. Our trainings are committed to the standards of education and training as set forth by IACP (The International Academy of Collaborative Professionals) and ACR (The Association of Conflict Resolution). Connecticut Mediation is on the cutting edge of this field and we strive to give you the most practical skills necessary to resolve disputes. Connecticut Mediation also offers 2 hour classes and conflict resolution workshops for those interested in various conflict resolution, mediation and/or eldercare decisions and family issues.

Connecticut Mediation Training Classes and Workshops:
  • Team Building
  • How to Negotiate
  • Communication Skills
  • Facilitative Conflict Resolution Strategies

    Basic Mediation Training applications: Workplace Mediation, Employment Mediation, Parent/teenager mediation, Student/student mediation, Family business mediation, Gay and Lesbian Family Mediation, Co-habitation Mediation, Pre-marital Mediation, Marital mediation, neighbor to neighbor mediation, etc...

    Various Onsite Group Trainings as needed

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